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The 1 Bitcoin I had was stolen.

Please read this thread carefully and listen to the advice being given. Many people are experiencing losses due to this (and I am sure others are also doing it) so be warned that there is a huge increase in threats to the security of our wallets...
The worst thing about all this is that I just got back into the scene. Yesterday I made a point of cleaning my computer of anything to make sure it was all well and I wake up to find all my bitcoin gone. I only had 1.68 but I was hoping to save that and forget about it for a while. I am using Bitcoin QT and I din't have a it encrypted. I was not even sure how it worked so didn't look into it. Please, please if you are just starting out read really carefully about storage. I can't explain how I feel right now.
One odd thing about all this however, is that the address that was used to send the money is greyed out in my client. I don't understand why or what it means. It turns out that when an address does not have a label in your BitcoinQT Wallet it appears as grey. I just called the address StolenMoney.
The culprite address is 1BjxoP5BDwxPG4myiXhJK8zWownJUbd4K4
Blockchain: https://blockchain.info/address/1BjxoP5BDwxPG4myiXhJK8zWownJUbd4K4
This post (aside from being possibly one that people will laugh at) is mainly to warn other fellow digital currency users. It is so sad to see that people take advantage of others like this. That 1.68 bitcoins were literally my life savings. I can't stop crying. Sigh.
Anyway, if anyone can give me any advice (probability will be nothing can be done) I'd be grateful. I barely understand how this works and don't get why after checking for malware with Spybot Search & destroy, Malwarebytes etc I've lost my money :( I think this is it for me and Crytocurrency I have no way of getting into this again due to my circumstances. Again, all new and old digital money users "Be really careful" I wish you all the best and certainly not what happened to me.
Edit: One thing I failed to mention is that a few days ago I did a transfer of bitcoin from a mining pool I was a member of. 2 days after that I found an email asking me to verify if I wanted to change the address where I would receive my money. This I quickly ignored went to the website changed passwords and locked my address. The mining pool I used back then was https://deepbit.net/ a message in their forums on the 3rd of this month aludes to the problem I had. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3889.msg3803258#msg3803258
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